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rodney howard browne

This past Sunday at the River was an amazing outpour of God’s love for people.  It was putting the Bible into action. It says in Acts 2:43-47 that many signs and wonders happened, that the people were in one accord and gave so that everyone had something and that the church grew.   And that’s just what happen people who come on the buses regularly brought toys and food so that others could be blessed. It touched my heart to see that they wanted give; so that someone else could be blessed like they had been when they first came. Many were healed, set free and delivered. It was more than giving away toys but ushering people into eternity. There was over 300 men, women, and children who got more than a toy but the gift of eternal life. This is the best gift anyone could have.

I felt honored to know that my River family stepped up to the plate and went far and beyond what was needed. People just let their talents be used; others were just a willing vessel and did whatever needed to be done. We operated as one body to serve the Hispanic community of Tampa. Genesis 88.6 was there just to support the event. There was great Word going forth, music, food and of course toys. It was a great Christmas morning to see the faces of the kids as they opened their toys. The delight and joy on the parent’s faces to know that their kids were happy was great.

And I know that they had a great time in the 6-12 class with Joe. How do I know this and I wasn’t in that class. Well I had to walk through to get some things and the kids where going crazy. Having the best time ever and all while at church and learning about how Jesus loves them. It was not your usual Sunday school lesson sit and listen to the teacher but get nothing out of it. This lesson involved whip cream in faces and water. Very messy but what each represented they got. I overheard a mom asking her daughter in the ladies room so what did you learn in class today? The child went on to say that the whip cream was sin and the water was Jesus coming to wash all the sin out of our lives. The mom was like wow!!! I was thinking the same thing. The little girl was no more than 9 and I know that she will not forget what she learned that Sunday morning.

The River is a place that reaches across all races and creeds to let people know that Jesus loves them and that we want to see them in eternity. That has always been the message and it will never change.


Teresa T

God’s Holy Spirit

God’s Holy Spirit

Just yesterday I think I was prompted by God’s Holy Spirit to pray for specific things, in a very focused way, to finish out the year, accompanied by some fasting. So I started writing in today about it. One of those prayer requests was so that I could have a highly successful business that I just started as of Nov. 2nd. Well… TODAY, just 17 short days later, I received my very first bonus check in the mail! That made me feel so good! But I’m not finished, yet. Thank you, God. Thank you, prayer team and God Bless!

Julie S
Land O’Lakes Florida United States