Winter Camp Meeting 2010 | Grace Meyers Testimony

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Being a 1st year Bible School student from England I had never been to a Winter Camp Meeting before. I was so excited from what everyone had told me. I was ready to have a divine appointment with God. I told the Lord, don’t let me leave 1 single meeting the same way as I walked in. Give me Holy Ghost downloads, show me whatever you want to show me. The Lord truly touched me at Winter Camp Meeting through Pastor Rodney-Howard Browne.

During the Camp meeting out of the 16 meetings that we had I served at all 16 meetings. I determined in my heart that I would also serve the whole way through the camp meeting, I was not just going to be a spectator and just sit through the whole meeting and see what I could get out of it for myself and just walk away but I wanted to be a participator, I wanted to jump in and serve and be apart of the team and the vision of The River Church. I wanted to serve and do it with excellence. Just like Jesus throughout the Bible, he didn’t come to be served but he came to serve.

Throughout the camp meeting during the busyness and through serving the Lord really dropped into my heart a Passion for his House. The Lord gave me a scripture John 2:17 “Passion for God’s house will consume me”.  I got thinking the word “house” is not limited to just a structure or to a building. Paul refers to our bodies as “living temples” and the temple is God’s house. God totally showed me something new out of that Scripture.

It goes in line with what our Church and what Pastor Rodney was speaking about, It’s about souls its not just about having a passion for the four walls of the Church but its about us being consumed with the things of God, getting souls saved. Not just sitting down and expecting other people to go win the lost to the Lord but it’s about me getting up and being consumed with the things of God.

God really dropped this into my heart during the Camp meeting as well as other things. It was truly life changing and if anyone was to ask me should they attend the Camp meetings at The River Church without a blink I would tell you, you need to be under the anointing here at The River Church. God will change your life.

Great Awakening Tour City #28 Ball Ground (N. Atlanta) GA | Martha T Testimony

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A woman with depression, Reynaud’s syndrome and sclera arthritis accepted Jesus and healing was prayed for and she immediately started feeling better. she smiled and could tell things were not the same. Sebastian prayed for a deaf man who could not hear at all and he started hearing!(I prayed on the side) I have seen diff people all over and theirs a lot of people who need help. And a lot of them got it. 20+ people talked to 15 received salvation. Awesome experience in Christ. To God be the glory!

Jackie K
Georgia United States

Brazilian Great Awakening Tour City #27 Orlando FL | Jake P Testimony

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The first day we arrived in Orlando we met a lady named Ada with constant pain in both legs, arthritis in her right leg, and no cartilege in her left knee. She said her left knee needed replacement, and she could not walk without her cane. I read the gospel script to her and she got saved. We prayed for her healing and then I told her”the Lord is healing you now, stand and walk.”She walked 50 feet without her cane. All pain left her legs and she could bend and touch her toes without problems. She was amazed as she repeated “there’s no cartilege in this knee” Just then a man walked up and got drunk in the Holy Ghost, she gave him a testimony of healing and then he got saved, thru gospel script. We prayed for him to be healed. He could not run 100 feet without cramos, but after prayer he ran 200 feet with no cramos.

Jake P
Florida United States