Rodney Howard Browne – Christan M. Testimony

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I went to the training at Skyway on Thursday morning.  Then we were driven to south Phoenix (southern and central) The group divided to go out and I went with Stacy a new convert my husband and I are discipline her family, and my 10 yr old daughter Ashley and friend Brianna.  We came upon every shopper exiting the ranch market.  Our group led 23 people to pray the prayer.  I prayed with 14 people.

I went to the high schools and i had the favor of god i got to pray with wrestling teams, step teams, basketball team and the football team I also got the microphone at a high school game I prayed with 100 souls at one school .

It was my first time and I went to the malls there was a man and he had ankle bracket on he said is god really going to forgive me of my sins he said the prayer and his face changed.

I went into a high school to pray with teams prayed with basketball team one of the players missed the prayer and wanted me to pray for him about which collage he should go to i prayed with him and was able to lead him to the lord then one of the girls from the basketball team i had just prayed for said wow i feel so different there were some girls in the hall who overhead me praying and wanted prayer too i was able to pray for them and led them to the lord in the middle of the prayer another student came and joined the prayer and he received Jesus into his heart immediately one of girls i was praying with said i need you pray that prayer with some of my friends .