Rodney Howard Browne – Emily P. Testimony

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It has been amazing to see what God is doing throughout the services in the Great Awakening Meetings here in Tampa, Fl. The power and presence of God has been so strong in the meetings! I have been involved in the production team throughout some of the meetings. The production team from CTN has come in and has given great advice to me as a director on how to improve the quality of our broadcast. They have been very gracious and a pleasure to learn from and work with. I have learned so much about TV broadcasting and how to run a professional TV studio and set. 

It is exciting to help in making the broadcast available throughout the world! This broadcast is impacting so many lives! The people watching will call the phone number on the TV and get impacted with the fire of God.  The phones were ringing off the hook! Then the operators were praying the fire of God down. People were getting saved, set free, delivered and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Some people just wanted to know more about soul winning. With soul winning classes during the week, people are going out every day to win the lost at any cost. I personally have been challenged to be a witness to more people where ever I go and live a life style of soul winning. And this is only the beginning of what God wants to do! We will see America shaken!-Emily P.

The baptism of the Holy Ghost – Rodney Howard Browne

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It has been amazing so far!! I have had awesome opportunities to serve in the calling center. It has been really great. I had so many calls last night from people just desperate for a touch from God. Many called in to be filled with the fire of God and receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Every person who called in and asked for that, got filled! It was such a blessing to me because God had never really used me in that way before. Then I also had a call from a lady in India who made me cry. She got filled and then she was crying too and saying how thankful she was for this ministry. She said that there are many places out there who do not teach the truth of God’s Word. She was very appreciative. It just blessed my heart to hear that. On Tuesday, I got back to the River and Pastor Adonica was preaching. I literally just felt the presence of God just overtake me and sweep away all of the garbage I had been feeling. It is just a different atmosphere here, and when I went back home to CA, I could see how things were just totally different and I felt discouraged, especially because several people were not receptive to what I’ve been learning here. I felt a heaviness on me, almost like an oppression, and Pastor Adonica prayed against that specifically. When she mentioned about how she would struggle with depression, I could relate to that in my own life. I felt comforted.

Then on Friday we had the honor to hear a message from Pastor Mike Petzer and he said how we are already perfect in Christ Jesus. I know that message transformed a lot of lives, because often times we think of ourselves as pathetic, worthless sinners that are not good enough for God to love. I also learned that we have not just been forgiven, but we have been washed…so those things are no longer any part of us AT ALL! We have been made free.-Gloria C.

Rodney Howard Browne – Kenneth C. Testimony

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The Great Awakening has greatly impacted my life… I will start by saying that I was radically saved, set free and delivered at a Great Awakening service in my hometown 2 years ago. So everything that has happened in my life since then is fruit from the Great Awakening Tour! I not only was saved at the meeting but also learned how to win souls! I never thought I would have been able to win souls but the Gospel Soul Winning Script made it so simple! I have now led hundreds to the Lord! Praise God!

We are now in the middle of one of the greatest outpourings of the Holy Spirit! The Great Awakening is amazing! I feel like this is exactly what I was made for! I have been working the call center the past couple nights and have seen the fire of God fall every night! People are being healed and saved right over the phones! God is so good! I would like to thank Mr. Bob from CTN for putting the services on Live every night across the United States!

God is moving mightily and people are being impacted by this more than we could ever imagine! The cool thing is that people from churches all over the world are learning how to win souls! It is so hard to put all this in words… What is happening right now will be put in the history books! We are living out the book of Acts on a day to day basis! Thanks  -Kenneth C.