Rodney Howard Browne – Howard F. Testimony

This week has been amazing; God has been touching and changing my heart every night of the meetings. On Monday night, I was in the call center and was able to praying with people who needed a touch from God. What was really impacting me was that most of the people I talked to had never seen the program before; it was there first night viewing the broadcast. Every time I am in the call center the majority of people that call are first time viewers. This broadcast is changing America.

Each night more and more people are viewing the power of God in manifestation, and are catching the vision to get souls saved. People are pressing in during the services like never before and God is moving powerfully. On Thursday night, the presence of God was so strong that I could not stand up. I felt like I was being weighed down with sandbags. I tried to keep standing but I couldn’t I had to get on my knees, and then I had to lean on a chair before I fell to the ground. I have never felt God’s presence so strong; my physical body just gave out.

But as I got touched I felt refreshed. But I did not just get touched on the floor to feel good but to do something with that touch. I went out soul winning to a local high school and prayed with 7 students to accept the Lord. I was changed by God to go out and get others changed by preaching the gospel to them. This is what it is all about, getting changed and allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me.  –Howard F.

Rodney Howard Browne – Betty A. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

Praise the Lord for the great awakening!   Hallelujah, the Holy Spirit is being poured out.  Never before in my life, have I felt the Holy Spirit’s power and love for souls, for nations, as I do now.  Every night the Holy Spirit shows up.  He is spiritually and physically opening eyes, growing us up to desire to serve Him.  We need his enlightenment so desperately. 

No revival is man made.  It is so marvelous to see what God is doing, and to hear the testimonies of those who are going out, and those who are being saved. There is a call on all Christians to rise up, preach the gospel, give what we have received to others.  What a blessed time to be alive.  Lord empower us to be faithful.  We say yes, yes, to the harvest.  We give ourselves to you for this.  Thank you for your pouring out on us.  Revive this nation!  Save America!  We will see this nation turn back to God in a powerful way.   Hallelujah for technology. 

May all the world be reached by the gospel.  May the Holy Spirit move in power around the world. In the call center, so many are calling being touched, healed, filled with the Holy Spirit.  People are so happy to hear the truth being preached.   Many called just to encourage us to keep on going.  Many asked for gospel scripts.  What a blessing to experience this powerful move of God.  No matter where you are, jump in!  Get the gospel script, preach the gospel.  It will set you on fire and bless you more than you can imagine.  Hallelujah!-Betty A.