+Rodney Howard Browne – M.K Testimony

Since I grew up in church I’ve been hearing the Word of God from a very young age. But because my heart, for the most part, wasn’t open to change or correction I wasn’t able grow. I heard the Word so much that I got used to hearing it and I got comfortable listening to it instead of taking it personally and applying it to my life. But when I got the wake-up call that Christianity is not just a hobby for Sunday mornings but it’s the way live my life the other six days of the week too, I started to open my heart up to God and let Him change things in me I saw huge changes in myself. The Word only works if you let it. Some people think the fire of God is only a weird sensation you get in a revival meeting but it’s so much more than that, it’s giving God complete trust, opening yourself up to Him to change you and burn the nasty stuff of the world out and part of that comes through getting in the Word. In Matthew 13 Jesus talks about the farmer who sowed the seed that fell on different types of ground. The first three types represented people whose hearts weren’t really open. The seed, or the Word; came to them but they wouldn’t receive it so it didn’t benefit them. But the fourth one was good, soft, receptive ground that took the seed and it grew and made a difference.