Knowing the Lord

Have you experienced a non secular dry spell when you could not sense God was real, your requests slid flat, and the Bible appeared like nothing less than black print on white pages? If during those times you were keeping a diary, you could have discovered the dry spells happened when your mind and heart were focused somebody or something apart from the person of Jesus Christ. The cure for such spiritual droughts is learning a way to seek the Lord in a scriptural demeanor. All thru the Scriptures, we are scolded to find Him. Looking for implies that we wish Him, hunger for Him, and need to grow in intimacy with Him.

It doesn’t mean going to the Lord laden with requests so you can get your requirements met.

Looking for Him may include wishes and requests, but it is going far deeper. It suggests building a personal relationship where the focus isn’t just getting my things, but being satisfied with Him. A method to seek God is by developing a continual subconscious awareness of Jesus’ presence.

You cannot consciously be thinking about Him each moment, but if you’re a follower and know what it implies to stroll in the Spirit, Jesus will always be therea sense of His presence will are cyclical, even when you’re fastidiously engrossed in something else. Set your heart to avoid any sort of relationship, pleasure, or experience that leaves Him out. Instead, seek the Lord totally ; you’ll be totally satisfied and sumptuously rewarded.