Rodney Howard Browne – Joy M. Testimony

In order to understand what the Lord has done for me, you must first know what He has delivered me from. Growing up, my family was always involved heavily with whatever church we were attending at the time. After moving from Texas to North Carolina, we joined a church, which we attended for several years. Pastor Rodney visited this church one night, and I was baptized in the Holy Ghost and went home laughing with the joy.

Several years went by and my family moved again, to the beaches of NC. We moved to a very small town where there were only a handful of churches. We quickly learned that none of them were spirit?filled. As we all led this search for an on fire church, our own fires dwindled. Soon, we did not go to any church at all.

For around the next eight years I was a back?slidden Christian. During this time many troubles occurred, including my parents getting divorced. I slipped further and further into the world. At a young age, I used drugs and alcohol and began partying. At the age of sixteen I was attending nightclubs and lying to my parents regularly.

When I went off to college, I only got worse. My life became a constant blur of parties and drinking. During all of my struggles, my sister was praying for me to come back to the Lord. At the time, I knew I had once been saved, but I no longer knew if I would go to Heaven.

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