Rodney Howard Browne – Nancy L. Testimony

I had been attending The River for a few months prior to the start of RBI, thanks to The Great Awakening. I received a scholarship from Pastor Rodney one night after sharing my testimony of being radically set free from crack addiction while watching from my home one night. The changes since that night had been monumental, but the first weeks of RBI revival brought a much deeper level in my relationship with the Lord and a greater awareness of the Holy Ghost!

The week prior to school, I lost my job. Since I am a single mother of three children this was a huge concern in the natural, but somehow I kept feeling an amazing sense of peace. If I had been working, I would not have been able to be at revival. With all of my bills due, and other needs screaming at us, I greatly awaited my last paycheck for 2 weeks of work! It came one day in the mail and I picked it up on the way to service. I was in service and during the offering God spoke to me and told me to go get my paycheck out of the car and sow it in the offering.

I ran out to the car and signed the back of the check and dropped it in the bucket. The next day, he told me to give the ring diamond ring my son had given me for Christmas. This was my alabaster box. God spoke to me and said, “Your paycheck was your security, and your ring represented your heart, now I have all of you which is what I require!” For me this is huge, because I come from lack. God has broken me. He wants to know that He is first and that I will trust in Him! I don’t know how He is going to come through, but I know He will!

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