Victoria Testimony

I haven’t even been an intern that long but this year has definitely felt so far like the most stretching I’ve ever been through. But like Pastor Todd says, your spirit is like Gumby – it loves to be stretched! So while it’s uncomfortable, I’m so glad I’m going through it, because I know I need to grow in a lot of things. Different situations with my finances came to a head, and through it I have been learning more responsibility and I feel like I’m just now getting to the place where I truly HAVE to lean on the Lord and there’s no plan B! God has grown me and set me free in so many areas in the last two years in school, but it’s like the focus has turned to this area because I haven’t grown much in it. I have already been seeing God’s miraculous provision – I didn’t know where I was going to stay, and He provided just in time – I got a new job, someone offered to pay half my current rent, I’ve been blessed with unexpected cash, food, clothes and more. I am so grateful to be in the department I’m in and for the people that I have been placed under, they have pushed me forward to press in not just spiritually but practically. I am so excited for everything the Lord is going to do this year and all the things I’m going to learn!


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