Sandra Testimony

What have I learned as an Intern in my third quarter of internship?  No matter what you do, submission to authority is always important, SOULS is what counts in this life, and the devil will try to discourage you and attack your body with illness and pain, but God is mighty to save, and it does not matter, He always makes a way, for those who are hungry and thirsty for His Word and the fire of the Holy Ghost.

There are many trials and tribulations that I have gone through in the natural; attacks against my family, my mother’s sense of discouragement, my daughter trying to fit in with the wrong kind of crowd and skipping school.  My body fighting and saying “I am tired” I don’t want to go on.  God is always faithful, and in my times of worst financial need, He has provided relief.  In my times of loneliness, He has provided an invitation from the S1ngular or Outreach team.  I have pressed in, in my two assigned departments for these last two quarters, but I am always looking to do more.  And I feel that I could still be used more in the RBI Espanola area; the newest area of our Bible Institute.


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